I Hope I’ve Added To Your Christmas Celebration

Donations Help Keep The Tradition Gowing

Brian Larsen


quoteHi, I’m Brian Larsen and I hope you enjoy our show every year!  We plan year round for the coming Christmas show, and try to ‘out do’ the previous year each time.  It’s nearly a full time job, on top of my full time job, but the pleasure I see my hard work bring, is a joy I can’t put into words.


Donations to the show help tremendously, as we spare no expense in bringing the most amazing light show to our community each year, and it’s grown quite expensive, as I’m sure you can appreciate.


If you’re able, I’d greatly appreciate any donation you can afford, and I assure you, every penny goes right back into the show each year.  If you cannot afford a donation at this time, that’s not a problem at all, just continue coming each year and let us bring the joy of Christmas into your families lives!


I wish you all very well, and Merry Christmas!