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cw_logoPresented by Brian Larsen & County Wide Landscaping, the award-winning premier Illinois landscaping company based in Chicago. We specialize in brick paver patios, driveways, full yard landscape redesigns, water gardens & waterscapes and more. Our highly trained team of Illinois Landscaping experts are committed to helping you reach the full potential of your property. Utilizing state of the art landscaping technologies and techniques, we handle all facets of your landscaping design, construction and maintenance. We are experts in master plans and drawings; gardens and greenscapes; brick paver patios, walkways and steps; ponds, waterfalls, fountains and waterscapes; decks, fences and gates; kids play-sets; landscaping stone and pavers; low power outdoor lighting and irrigation systems. Quality without compromise.

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Light Show Stats

Over 1 Million Lights Used
Over 1200 Channels Used
Over 20000 Feet of Extension Cords
Over 60 Hours To Program 1 Song
85 Gallons of Cofeee Consumed


Why do I do this?

I do this because in society today we truly are losing are family values or being with family! When I was little the memories my family gave me from our holidays were so memorable it’s the reason I do this! We used to pile in my grandpa’s motor home and go caroling on the weekend, and the next weekend we would go look at Christmas displays all around Chicago land. We would truly spend 6-7 hours, and create some of the greatest memories of my life! I want others to have those memories, and this light show gives family’s the chance to create a fun evening and tradition they can pass down to their kids, and hopefully this show will create the same memories I had, and that I’m passing on to my kids! Also I have always loved Christmas Lights, Music, and Computers. This was a way to combine all three to make something unique and different. The real reason though is because it celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is another way to express our love for Him and what He has done for us and mankind. We hope that those who watch our display draw a little closer to God.

On certain Nights

Check are live calendar to find out if Santa Clause will be out by the fireplace for photos and to see if Tailgater Toby will be there serving Hot Chocolate Hot Cider, Hot dogs, donuts etc. Or you can instant message us to ask for a special visit from Santa Clause! Please remember no walking on Beith Rd!


Donations are greatly appreciated and help us every year in updating show and helping pay the expenses of having the display. When you donate please grab a coupon for The Lodge in Wasco and other coupons. Parking in the designated parking area we kindly ask for a $7.00 donation.

What is your electric bill?

Don’t know and don’t want to know. :) Its normally $450.00 more than normal. That’s because it’s all LED LIGHTS, There on and off so much and never constantly on. However the electric bill in general is always high due to business and all the computers!

How Many Light do You Have?

Well if you were to count every LED bulb, strobe, laser etc. etc I have a little under or a little over 1,000,000 lights I really lost count after 975,891 back in 2011!

Do you have your own Radio Station? How are you transmitting to my radio?

We use a small FM transmitter the broadcasts on 88.5FM. It only goes a short distance which allows people to listen to the music within sight of our display.

How do you control the lights?

Everything is controlled with software and hardware from Light-O-Rama. Our display for 2007 used 80 different channels, 2008 was 176 channels , 2009 it was 215 Channels 2010 it was 416 Channels. 2011 it was 448 Channels and Now in 2013 we have add the Cosmic Ribbons, Lasers, and LED Floods bring the new total to a staggering 1198 CHANNELS!! This allows us to control almost every element in our display between Red, White, Blue ,lasers, floods, and strobes. Because of how the display has to be set up, we use 20,000′ of extension cords.


Inside the house you can’t even tell what is going on outside unless you look out the window. The music is also transmitted to play on the visitor’s car stereo via a FM transmitter so you don’t hear the music. One of my next door neighbors also told me that they cannot see the lights inside their home unless they look out the window. I guess one minor drawback is when all the lights come on at once the surge is great it causes my inside lights to strobe or flicker!

How long does it take to program a song?

When I first started it took 80 hours for me to program one song, then year 2 I got much better and could do it in 40 hours then the show grew and now could take me 3 weeks! Now I have good friends in the community of Christmas decorating and they help with the task, Thanks to Don from synchronized lights and Brian from Superstar lights we can get songs done sometimes 60 hrs! Currently I have over 28 songs programmed but do to the increased traffic we limit the show to only 14 songs However I change the songs every other night so if you watched the show to consecutive nights you could see all the songs

What do you do for a living?

I’m a landscape designer and own a landscaping design build company called County Wide Landscaping Inc. We specialize in High end residential landscaping design’s all around the state. We primarily design and build elaborate Fiberglass Pools, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Theaters, Patios, Driveways, FINE Landscapes, Etc In the winter we do commercial snow removal. Check us out at

Our services

The light show display brings the Christmas spirit to the local community, and we also set up commercial building light displays.

Client List

  • Trump Towers
  • Embassy Tower Downtown Chicago
  • Hyatt Hotel Downtown Chicago
  • DiMaggio Light Show
  • The Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival
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We design and setup stunning commercial displays, no project is too big.

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Without our fantastic partners and suppliers, this display wouldn’t be possible.  From their amazing products and insight, to delivering may every desire, Thank You!

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